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Всем привет!

А вот и Original Lyrics, чтоб можно было подпевать :

Neg the target yes its true
Then talk to her friends you have to be smooth
DHV don’t look needy
That’s what you got to do to get the HB

And when she speaks say excuse me
You’re interrupting have some patience please
Is she always like this where’s her off switch
How do you roll with someone like this

Neg the target, Neg the target
Reward her for good behavior
Neg the target, neg the target
Treat her like a bratty sister

And when she touches, please be cautious
Say hands off I don’t come easy
Tell me 3 things that make you special
Beauty’s common are you interesting

Only some of you will understand
The rules of the game have to lose to win
The 3 second rule is there for you
Approach anxiety affects the best too

Attract build comfort and then seduce
Don’t start at the end cause then you lose
Buyers remorse feels like a curse
So attract build comfort and then seduce

Hello my names’ don’t do that
Don’t buy her a drink, it doesn’t attract
It’s been done before and doesn’t fuckin work
Read THE GAME it will save you some hurt

Once you’re ready, get out there
Be well groomed cause women do care
In the field is where the game is played
Transfer from AFC to PUA


Mystery and the Man of Style
Hope they’re doing well haven’t talked for a while
You guys triggered something gave us insights
The next 3 set is it yours or mine

Every PUA is not the same
But they play the same game in a different way
Remember Chump to Champ remember the rules
Neg the target that’s what you gotta do

Don’t hate the player hate the game...
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